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Presenting a wide range of aviation books for enthusiasts and modellers up to 40% below the Australian Recommended Retail Price.

You can choose from a range of military aircraft books and civil aircraft books. This range of aviation and aeroplane books includes Soviet aircraft and Russian aircraft, Luftwaffe and German aircraft, American aircraft, British aircraft, airliners, combat aircraft, bombers and fighter aircraft.

Publishers includes, Ian Allen Publishing; Specialty Press; Midland Publishing; Aerofax; Classic Publications- including Luftwaffe Colours; Red Star; Red Kite; Hikoki Publications and many others.

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Recent Additions
These are our latest release titles from across the whole aviation website. You’ll find a real mixture of books in here and keep an eye out for new updates.
Hikoki Books
Hikoki Publications has a great range of titles covering German (Luftwaffe), Russian (Soviet)...
Aviation by Country
Are you interested in a certain country’s aviation history? Well we’ve categorised them for you. Hopefully you’ll find exactly what you are looking for in here.
Aviation by Era
Historic aviation events have changed the world and spanned a number of eras. Many books cover only a specific...
General Aviation
If the book topic doesn’t definitively fit into a certain category you might find it tucked away no our general...
Civil Aviation
This is our range of civilian aircraft books. You’ll find books on plane models, airline fleets from...
Military Aviation
Always popular military aviation books can be found here. Titles on bombers, fighters, history, space and transport...
American Aircraft Development of WWII
Special Types 1939-1945
Price: AUD $41.00
RRP: AUD $69.95
Aviation Records in the Jet Age
The Planes and Technologies Behind the Breakthroughs
Price: AUD $41.95
RRP: AUD $55.00
Billy Bishop Lone Wolf Hunter
The RAF Ace Re-Examined
Price: AUD $36.95
RRP: AUD $49.95
Cars, Trains and Planes
The Definitive Visual History of Land and Air Transportation
Price: AUD $37.95
RRP: AUD $50.00
Flying Film Stars
The Directory of Aircraft in British World War Two Films
Price: AUD $41.95
RRP: AUD $59.95
Painting Aviations Legends
Stories of the World’s Greatest Pilots and Aircraft
Price: AUD $45.00
RRP: AUD $75.00
Testing to the Limits Volume 2
British Test Pilots Since 1909 – James to Zurakowski
Price: AUD $41.95
RRP: AUD $59.95
Unto the Skies
Biography of Amy Johnson
Price: AUD $18.95
RRP: AUD $24.95
Wrecks & Relics 25th Edition
The Indispensable Guide to Britain's Aviation Heritage
Price: AUD $32.95
RRP: AUD $46.95
Price: AUD $29.95
RRP: AUD $39.95
Spitfire: Return to Flight
The Story of Spitfire PV270
Price: AUD $45.00
RRP: AUD $69.95
Unknown Warrior (Australian Title)
The Search for Australia's Greatest Ace
Price: AUD $27.95
RRP: AUD $34.95
Wings of the Malvinas
The Argentine Air War Over the Falklands
Price: AUD $50.00
RRP: AUD $89.95
X-Planes of Europe
Secret Research Aircraft of the Cold War
Price: AUD $49.95
RRP: AUD $85.00