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1016 and 1066
Why the Vikings Caused the Norman Conquest
Price: AUD $22.95
RRP: AUD $29.95
A Street in Arnhem
The Agony of Occupation and Liberation
Price: AUD $29.95
RRP: AUD $39.95
African in Imperial London
Indomitable Life of A B C Merriman-Labor
Price: AUD $41.95
RRP: AUD $55.00
Complete History of U.S. Cruise Missiles
Kettering’s 1920’s Bug, 1950’s Snark, 21st Century Tomahawk
Price: AUD $45.00
RRP: AUD $59.95
Piercing the Atlantic Wall
Price: AUD $13.95
RRP: AUD $17.95
Gullivers Other Islands: New History of Fiji
Scarr is the doyen of writers on Fiji. This magisterial new history of the islands does not disappoint
Price: AUD $90.00
RRP: AUD $120.00
Icelands 1100 Years
History of a Marginal Society
Price: AUD $33.95
RRP: AUD $44.95
It Never Snows in September
The German View of Market-Garden and the Battle of Arnhem, September 1944
Price: AUD $19.95
RRP: AUD $27.95
Local Aviation Collections of Britain
The UKs Regional Aeronautical Treasures
Price: AUD $35.95
RRP: AUD $46.95
Luftwaffe Crash Archive Volume 11
1st January 1944 to 31st May 1944
Price: AUD $44.95
RRP: AUD $59.95
Rohingyas: Inside Myanmars Hidden Genocide
Ibrahim’s searing book documents the slow-motion genocide of the Muslim Rohingyas and exposes the culpability of the Buddhist clergy in fomenting the religious cleansing of Myanmar.
Price: AUD $21.95
RRP: AUD $28.95
Skull of Alum Bheg: Life and Death of a Rebel of 1857
An absorbing history charting the long afterlife of the 1857 ‘Indian Mutiny’ and the Victorians’ macabre fetish for collecting body parts.
Price: AUD $41.95
RRP: AUD $55.00
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