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Jewelry: Concepts and Technology

Jewelry: Concepts and Technology

ISBN: 9780709196167

Author: Oppi Untracht

Publisher: Hale

Format: Hardback

Price: AUD $129.00
RRP: AUD $149.95

Nearly ten years in preparation and production, "Jewelry Concepts and Technology" is the definitive guide and handbook for jewellery makers on all levels of ability. It is also a unique reference source for those not directly active in the field but who wish to gain an understanding of what lies behind the jewellery-making mystique. All traditional as well as innovative contemporary techniques are thoroughly described, making this. The more than 900 photographs in colour and black and white illustrate work of all degrees of complexity and show the incredible range of concepts which jewellers in all times, including today, incorporate in their work.

Historic and ethnic jewellery, as well as contemporary work done by approximately 300 jewellers from twenty-six countries, are grouped under particular technical processes. This arrangement dramatically illustrates the mutual bonds between today's creative jewellers and their colleagues: historic style-oriented, and anonymous, tradition-dominated ethnic jewellers. The detailed text is accompanied by 377 illustrations showing tools and processes used to carry out particular techniques. In addition, thirty step-by-step photo demonstrations show master jewellers working from raw material to finished jewels, some of them revealing their methods for the first time.

Supplemented by an extensive index, glossaries of jewellery forms and findings, and an international sources supply list, "Jewelry Concepts and Technology" is indispensable for anyone interested in any aspect of jewellery making.

First published in 1982, this reprint in 2011.

Book Title: Jewelry: Concepts and Technology
Author: Oppi Untracht
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780709196167
About the Author: Oppi Untracht’s interest in crafts began in the 1930s and developed with Fine Arts degrees from New York University and Columbia. Metalwork, enamelling, and jewellery were his special interests, and he both taught and exhibited internationally in these mediums. As a photo journalist and scholar, he researched and recorded the crafts of many lands, particularly those of India and Nepal. He wrote numerous articles for Graphis, Craft Horizons, American Craft, and Colliers Encyclopaedia on Metal and Metal Techniques for Craftsmen.
Condition: New
Publisher: Hale

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