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Abc Traction Recognition 3ed

Abc Traction Recognition 3ed

ISBN: 9780711037922

Author: Colin J Marsden

Format: Hardback, 288 Pages

Price: AUD $27.95
RRP: AUD $39.95

The publication of the first edition of Traction Recognition in 2008 was welcomed by modern scene enthusiasts as it provided a handy guide to all the locomotives and multiple units operating on Britain's main-line railways. It was reprinted twice before the second edition was published in 2011.
The third edition is a fully revised volume, covering significant changes to the railways of Britain since 2011. Some franchises have changed in the period, such as Greater Anglia, and the next wave of new franchises are due from 2013 onwards. New types of rolling stock have also been delivered in the period, including:
- the completion of the Class 379 'Electrostar' deliveries for the East Anglia franchise
- final deliveries of Class 378s to London Overground
- the completion of Class 172 DMU orders for Chiltern, London Overground and London Midland
- Virgin Class 390 Pendolino sets which increased from 9 to 11 vehicles and were reclassified as 390/1
- the Vossloh Class 68 mixed traffic diesel locomotives which are due to be delivered later in 2013
- the one-off trials locomotive No 7099 built by General Electric to the same design as Freightliner Class 70 has arrived.
These deliveries of new stock have allowed significant cascading of older stock. The author has also added for the first time a section on depots and depot undertakings. Colin J Marsden has recorded the changes over the past 3 years making this the most up to date traction recognition title on the market, and is a must have for any rail enthusiast.

Book Title: Abc Traction Recognition 3ed
Author: Colin J Marsden
Format: Hardback, 288 Pages
ISBN: 9780711037922
Publisher: Ian Allan Publishers
Title Release: 2015 January

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