Railway Books > Southern Way: Issue 14

Southern Way: Issue 14

Southern Way: Issue 14

ISBN: 9781906419530

Price: AUD $19.95
RRP: AUD $24.95
The next in the series, this Southern Way Issue will not disappoint. Containing 'more of what is asked for' in the way of historic photographs, most of which are unseen and never been published, historic, technical and reminiscence articles and the much loved and eagerly awaited regular Rolling stock and Permanent way features.
This volume includes more from Richard Simmons and the Southampton TSO alongside further information on the early tramways of Purbeck and excellently written articles from the one and only Jeffery Grayer.
Jam packed with exciting and informative literature and combined with a variety of fascinating photographs this Issue will be as popular as the rest, a definite must have!
Book Title: Southern Way: Issue 14
ISBN: 9781906419530

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