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Southern Way Vol 2

Southern Way  Vol 2

ISBN: 9780955411076

Author: Kevin Robertson

Price: AUD $18.95
RRP: AUD $23.95
For 'The Southern Way' to succeed it was essential that not only sales, but also new and unpublished material was available. The publisher is delighted to report that the response to both has been remarkable.
Accordingly in 'The Southern Way Issue No. 2' there are features on Southern Weed Killing Trains, Southern Shipping, The record of a Pupil at Eastleigh in the 1930s, Reminiscences from Three Bridges, Pullman Camping Coaches and lots more.
As before the majority of the material, both factual and illustrative will never have been seen before and this includes our regular 'Flashback' and ' Permanent Way' features..
100 pages. 265 x 212mm.
Illustrations: Colour pages.
Book Title: Southern Way Vol 2
Author: Kevin Robertson
ISBN: 9780955411076

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