> Atlas of Railway Station Closures

Atlas of Railway Station Closures

Atlas of Railway Station Closures

ISBN: 9780860936770

Publisher: Crecy Publishing

Format: Hardback

Price: AUD $45.00
RRP: AUD $59.95

This new Atlas shows all standard gauge railway lines built in Britain and the dates of when each line and every station on those lines was closed. 

The first part of the book consists of an atlas of the entire railway network in Britain and the second section provides a complete index and gazetteer listing the date of the closure, if the station has closed. 

The book’s maps show the railway network right through from the nineteenth century to the present day and on these maps the closures are colour-coded by decade with the actual closure date given under the station name in the index. 

The company, BR Region or later organisation owning the station at the time of the closure is listed, as well as the last pre-grouping owner. The name of the station used is, in every instance that applied at the time of its closure. 

The Atlas of Railway Station Closures encompasses a wealth of invaluable information organised and presented in an accessible format including both a comprehensive cartographic gazetteer of all railway station closures in Britain and an easy to use index containing much detailed information about the closures.


Book Title: Atlas of Railway Station Closures
Publisher: Crecy Publishing
Title Release: July 2018
ISBN: 9780860936770
Format: Hardback

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